Our Troop is 3 years old  as of this year but if we never folded our troop would be 77 years old which originally started in 1941 and as you see above many older members still have there old uniforms and patches and still can be found in meetings or church.


It took a lot of work getting it all started but our previous Chesapeake  commissioner  was devoted  to get both the pack and troop started and running again, so after 5 years he was able to gather 4 boys together and a new scoutmaster and cub master and with that 372 was reborn today 3 of those boys are in the troop still and our commissioner is our troops committee chairman.

Today we have the same scoutmaster,5 assistant scoutmasters  15 boys and our packs even larger with close to 30 at some times during the year.

One thing is for sure our troop has devoted members growing a fully functional troop that exceeds many peoples expectations from going more places around the Maryland,Virginia and Pennsylvania area then some troops have in 50+ years! And winning Awards in many camping competitions!

Our history is deep but it IS NOT FINISHED yet we are still growing and experiencing new better places all the time, learning new as we go but most importantly having fun!  

         so...Are You going to be our new edition to not only our troop but our history?