Parent Meeting Notes



Upcoming Camping

  • 9/24-9/26: Camping trip to Washington Monument Park, MD.  Will take a hike.  Permission Forms will be sent soon.

  • 10/9- Morning hike at Jerusalem Mills.  Expect to arrive by 7:30am.  More info to come.

  • 11/12-11/14- Webelo camping at Broadcreek. Will do Thanksgiving meal and work with webelos on skills

Upcoming Activities

  • 9/28- court of honor

  • 10/1-10/3- OA Fellowship weekend

YPT- all leaders who need YPT should go ahead and take it if you haven’t already


  • Bull Roast will be on hold until either spring or fall of next year.  Concern about over-asking stores for donations

  • Committee decided on doing another Yeti Cooler Raffle.  Will do in December (Cooler of Cheer).  Tickets will be provided soon.  Donations are needed!!  You can give to Jim or Becky

  • Fishing Flea Market in March is a go.  We will sell food and camp cards. March 5th at Church.  More info to come

  • Church Kitchen may be reopening soon for possible Pit Beef sales.

New Business

Jim Barton let us know that the Methodist Council has discussed possibly not rechartering scout units nationwide due to bankruptcy issue.  This is an ongoing discussion and should not effect our troop too much as there may be ways to submit paperwork that will continue to let us use church facilities.  Jim will keep us posted.


Next Parent Meeting: October 11, 2021 7:30pm