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Duncan's Eagle Project

On September 28th, 2019, one of our oldest members of the troop, Duncan, completed his Eagle Project. Duncan’s project was building four planter boxes for the fellowship hall at Essex Church of God, located on Dorsey Ave. The project lasted two days, the first day was just precutting the wood and the second day was actually building the planter boxes. On both days Duncan, had a group of boys from the troop to help out. The boys even put their names on a piece of wood that went inside of the planter box, acting as a time capsule.

On May 15th, 2020, Baltimore Area Council held Duncan’s Eagle board of review and just recently on September 29th, 2020 Duncan finally received his Eagle Patch! The Eagle patch can go on his left chest pocket on his uniform shirt. Duncan will be the first Eagle Scout in the troop to be able to wear the Eagle patch on his uniform, he gets to wear the patch until he ages out at age 18. Congratulations Duncan!

A special thanks to Freddy for Writing this

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